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GPC Logo

Corporate Identity(CI)

The wordmark's design emphasizes honesty and clarity. It contains the will to breathe with the world and contribute to human society by communicating the inside and the outside through the divisions in which the G, P, and C characters are placed in an orderly manner between the lines, which are the basic shapes.
The English logo design expresses the customer-oriented will that integrates technicalism and humanism, and the image of a global company in a modern sense.

Form regulations

(주)지피씨인증원 로고 형태규정
(주)지피씨인증원 로고 형태규정
  • 1) Signature

    The signature is a combination of basic symbols and logo types to form the identity of GPC, and the manuscript must be enlarged and reduced in direct proportion to prevent deformation during reproduction.
  • 2) Minimum space regulations

    Clear Space is a regulation that secures the minimum space so that the logo is not invaded by other elements. When applying the logo to various media, keep the minimum space and be careful not to be invaded by other elements or complex patterns.
  • 3) Prohibition of use

    The logo of GPC is not a certification mark and cannot be used by customers. Also, to maintain visual consistency, it must not be arbitrarily changed and must use the prescribed shape and color.

Color regulations

  • GPC Red

    Pantone 484c CMYK 0 / 95 / 100 /29 RGB 161 / 48 / 29
  • GPC Purple

    Pantone 2725c CMYK 70 / 70 / 0 / 0 RGB 113 / 113 / 174

Certification Mark Precautions for use

Customers certified from GPC must correctly use the Certification Mark and Accreditation Mark in accordance with the following regulations and must comply with the relevant regulations of the certification schemes when using certificates, logos, and marks.

1) Certification Marks and Accreditation Marks can only be used when the certificate is valid.

2) Certification Marks and Accreditation Marks can only be used within the scope that has been certified.

3) The use of Certification Marks and Accreditation Marks expressed in a way that gives the impression that personnel who has not been certified by GPC is certified is absolutely prohibited.

4) Certification marks and Accreditation marks are not available other than those provided by GPC.

5) Do not use certificates, logos, and marks in a misleading manner.

6) If the certification is suspended or withdrawn, no advertisement with a mark referring to the certification shall be made.

7) If the certification terms are reduced, all advertisements must be modified.

8) Do not use the certification in a way that could damage the reputation of the GPC, and make no statements related to the certification that the certification body may consider to be misleading or unauthorized.

9) In case of suspension or withdrawal of certification, use of all rights related to certification including reference to certification body or certification must be stopped, and all certificates issued by certification body must be returned.

10) Accreditation Marks and Certification Marks should always be marked together.