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Code of Conduct

GPC Auditor - Code of Conduct

GPC’s Code of Conduct refers to the ethical requirements that GPC-certified auditors must comply with, and all certified auditors must comply with the following code of conduct.

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  • 01 GPC auditors work objectively and professionally.
  • 02 GPC auditors develop their own professional abilities and maintain the best condition for accurate audit.
  • 03 GPC auditors do not engage in anything that could cause conflicts of interest.
  • 04 GPC auditors do not act to damage the reputation, interests, and credibility of the certification body.
  • 05 GPC auditors do not disclose anything, including information learned during the audit, to the outside unless authorized in writing by the audited organization and certification body.
  • 06 GPC auditors do not take any other benefits, such as money, gifts etc., from the organization or stakeholders under audit.
  • 07 GPC auditors do not communicate information that may impair the integrity of the audit or auditor certification process.
  • 08 GPC auditors do not unconditionally criticize the audit work of other auditors without going through due process.
  • 09 GPC auditors do not violate any part of this Code of Conduct and fully cooperate with any investigation requested to comply with GPC's Code of Conduct.