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APAC (Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation)

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1. APAC(Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation)

APAC is the Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation, formed by integrating APLAC (Testing and Inspection Area) and PAC (Management Systems and Products Area) to promote trade and commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

APAC(Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation) Logo< APAC Logo >

The primary role of APAC is to manage and expand mutual recognition arrangements among certification bodies in the Asia-Pacific region, enabling approval and recognition of test results and certificates by other countries, thus reducing time and costs, and promoting international trade.

The Relationship between APAC and IAF< The Relationship between APAC and IAF >

2. The Relationship between APAC and IAF

APAC was established as a Regional Accreditation Group of IAF to manage and expand Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MLAs) among accreditation bodies within each region.

Through MLAs, the mutual recognition of conformity assessment outcomes between the respective region and other regions worldwide reduces the need for duplicate certifications, enhancing cost-effectiveness and promoting international trade.

The Relationship between APAC and IAS< The Relationship between APAC and IAS >

3. The Relationship between APAC and IAS

GPC's accrediting body IAS concluded an MLA with APAC on June 15, 2016, regarding personnel certification. Furthermore, on February 21, 2019, IAS entered into an MLA related to the IPC scheme, and it operates as a full member.

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