Certification scheme by IPC MLA

GPC is No.1 leading Certification Body in Personnel Certificaiton.

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  • Requirements for Issuing Management System Certification Auditor and Future Auditor Certificate Dr. Gong, Gill-Taik (Chief executive officer of, Professor at Inha University Graduate School of Business) Educational History Graduated from Chungang University, Department of Chemical Engineering Master and Doctor degree in Chemistry, University of Technology Berlin, Germany Career Vice Appraiser, Department of Enterprise Appraisal of Korea Appraisal Board Adjunct Professor, Inha University Graduate School of Business ...


    Personnel certification can be met nowadays in almost every country in the world today. Law, construction, auditing nursing, accountancy, information technology, sales, social work, engineering, software development and association management just scratch the surface of the wide range of professions that have voluntary or mandatory certification. Personnel certification has found its way into almost every industry for a simple reason: It helps advance the professio...